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Panorama picture from Berlevåg Municipality in Norway


The most important sources of income are fishery, fish processing, trade, as well as public and private service. Communications to and from Berlevåg are very good. The Coastal Steamer has daily departures.

Berlevåg Men´s Choir known from the movie "Cool and crazy". The film, which follows a year in the life of the chorus and the lives of its members, simply seems to strike a responsive chord with a wide diversity of people. The whole-heartedness of its cast and its no-holds-barred monologues by choir members that reveal all their human flaws and goodness appeal to the public. Not to mention the basic down-to-earth qualities and sheer stamina of these residents of Berlevåg, who manage to survive and spread human warmth under the harshest of Arctic conditions.

Scenes shot during wild winter storms leave the viewer awestruck, just as the unusual scenes of an overweight middle-aged member of the choir expounding on Communist doctrine from his bathtub leave the viewer bemused.portraying a small fishing community out in the exposed ocean mouth of Northern Norway, where a vigorous local men's choir reflects life in all its facets, in all kinds of weather.