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Panorama picture from Krødsherad Municipality in Norway


The Krøder line, Norway's longest museum railwayline, runs between Vikersund and Krøderen. The veteran train is a living museum. 26 kilometers of smoke and steam. The steam locomotives and the wooden carriages are from the end of the last century and the beginning of this and are one of the big tourist attractions in the county. A journey on the Krøder line is not just a trip through magnificent, beautiful scenery, but also a journey in time.

You can experience what it was like to travel by rail in your grandparents' time. A lot of historic railway material has been gathered along the Krøder line. The station buildings are preserved as they were in the old days, and the terminus station, Krøderen, is protected as a listed building. The Krøder line has also featured in several films, e.g. the Norwegian children's film "Svampe".

In addition to scheduled departures in July and August, several special events are held under the headings: "Navy days", "Accordion music" and "Train hold-up". The train hold-up is arranged in collaboration with the Rebel Western club, which also puts on a Western show at Kløftefoss.