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Panorama picture from Kongsberg Municipality in Norway


You´ll find Konsberg 90 km from Oslo and 40 km from Drammen. Whoever visits Kongsberg, the «Silver City», is surprised to find how much this city has to offer. Several types of musea: The Norwegian Mining Museum, Kongsberg Ski Museum, The Royal Mint Museum and the Lågdals museum with examples of Norwegian rural culture. Kongsberg Church is the largest Norwegian baroque church and has an interesting history. You may go for a stroll in the mining hills, participate in a «mining safari», or a sightseeing tour by train 2,3 km into the King´s Mine. The Kongsberg surroundings offer many opportunities both in summer and winter, while the city itself offers nice resturants and overnight stay, making you feel welcome.

The «Ski Town»

Kongsberg - of reknown for its long and active skiing tradition - with a stable, continental climate, is a focal point between hills and mountains, popular with both residents and visitors. Kongsberg, the «Ski Town» has a fine skiing centre just next to the centre of the town. There you will find several skiing slopes, also a special one for children. The skiing centre includes a modern chairlift, excellent opportunities for slalom, telemark, monoski, halfpipe and snowboards, as well as a fine sledging run, which together with many kilometers of cross-country tracks contribute towards making the area very attractive indeed. The cosy ski pub offers a pleasant atmosphere between runs! In the city of Kongsberg there is a lot to do all year round. You might visit the picturesque «Gamlebyen» (the Old Town) with its special atmosphere: charming places to eat, antique shops, arts and crafts and ancient, venerable buildings.