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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Today the traditional industries have more or less disappeared, and many of the former factory sites are now being converted into residential areas and business parks called Union Brygge. The area around Union has undergone the most extensive development work, including cultural arenas, small and innovative companies, a scince park, a new library and a built-up residential area. Between the the Papirbredden Science Park and Drammen Park there will be a new pedestrian bridge called Ypsilon (built in Sandnessjøen).

The former factory sites that lie a few hundred metres to the west of Strømsø town centre are also soon to be given a new lease of life. All of these will eventually blend together to form a combination of new and exciting architecture side by side with the venerable factory halls that have been adapted to meet modern demands for functionality by the enterprises involved.

Facing out onto the Drammen River, Union Scene forms a part of Drammen’s water front. It is located in a district that is rapidly evolving into a new regional cultural centre, with the Papirbredden Science Park, a library, cafés and restaurants, all in the Union area, right in the middle of Drammen.