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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


You can listen to concerts and other entertainment on a walk across the square, or just sit down by St. Hallvard´s Fountain, a pretty specimen relating the history of the local saint.


Bragernes Market is the largest in Norway and also Drammen's "front parlour". During the summer in particular, citizens and visitors gather in the market square enjoying its unique ambience. Here is bustling activity, stallholders selling fruit, vegetables, flowers and a lot more. The market square was laid out in 1866 when a fire had reduced 388 buildings to ashes. There are excellent shopping facilities round the square and several attractive restaurants, also with open-air service. You could start your city walk from the river and the city bridge.

Here is the recently built Skutebrygga and Glass on the pier, two very special restaurant with a characteristic maritime appearance. From the city bridge, you have a fine view of Drammen's well-known townscape including the market square, the tower buildings and the magnificent Bragernes Church from 1871. With its footpaths and unique viewpoints, beautiful Bragernesåsen forms a decorative backdrop.