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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Skutebrygga Restaurant is centrally located on the very edge of the new Bragernes Pier next to another restaurant called Glass. The restaurant has a very special atmosphere and its comprehensive collection of maritime items reflecting the rich seafaring traditions of Drammen sheds light on the cultural history of our city. Inside, the restaurant seats 100 persons, and the outdoor restaurant, serving 300 guests, is on the very edge of the water. The maritime character of Bragernes Pier provided the inspiration for the architectural concept of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers an international menu and specialities from river and sea. At the same time the restaurant is intended to be an informal and friendly social meeting place. Skutebrygga will no doubt become one of the most popular hangouts in town, given its position on the pier edge and its splendid view of Drammen River, our city's maritime main street.