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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Bragernes market with its shopping and bustling life is quite an experience. Here you have a great view of the market square. It´s history starts in 1866, when most of Bragernes was affected by a great fire that devastated 388 buildings. The city bridge and the old fire station were spared. The new town hall was erected in the same style as the fire station, and behind them, the new church. Most of the buildings along our tour were erected from 1866 to 1871.


The City Hall was built in 1871 and was formerly court house and police station. The building was considerabley restored and received the Europa Nostra conservation prize in 1986.


The Fire Station was designed by city engineer Hayerdahl in the mixed style of the time, and was naturally given a tower to dry the fire hoses. The well known painter Hans Heyerdahl was the designer's son and grew up on the first floor of the fire station. Today, the Fire Station Barracks accommodate Drammen Tourist Office.


Bragernes Church erected in new gothic style and located in the heights towards the hill. It was consecrated on 12 July 1871. Its well known altarpiece withe the Resurrection by Adolph Tidemand has been copied in around 70 churches in Norway. The beautiful carillon was donated by former Drammen citizens on the occasion of the town anniversary in 1961. It has 35 bells.