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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


View from under one of the many bridges. Gyldenløve Pier is situated in the 18th century shopping street Tollbodgaten, on the shores of the river, and holding several old houses. The design of the new houses by the pier is very similar to the old boathouses that formerly lined the river in this place. Gyldenløve Pier is a populaer residential area, you can see Gjensidige Insurance Inc. headquarter in Drammen and Tollboden Hotel.


There are ample opportunities to catch various species of fish in the fjord up to the mouth of the river. The river itself is also a fine place to fish. One of the best places and the most popular area is the stretch up to Hokksund and Hellefossen, with a large sale of angling cards during the season. The catch in the river was 11,000 kg in 1992, and salmon weighing 16 to 17 kg is not an unusual phenomenon.

We have followed the Drammen river from Filtvet, Holmestrand, Rødtangen, Svelvik, Lahell, Engersand, Gyldeløve Brygge up to Hellefossen - one of the best salmon rivers in the country, as many as 42 species of fish have been registered. The season for salmon fishing stretches from May to September / October.

River safari

It is recommended to take a boat tour on the river and the fjord. River safaris are organised in summer by the fjord boat M/S Drammen. Groups can book tours on the fjord on board a wonderful 117-year-old galeas, the "Christiane" owned by the sea scouts.