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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Drammen´s Theatre was built in 1870, being rebuilt after a fire in 1993. It is one of the city´s most cherished and talked-about buildings, with the architectonic style of the original building carefully recreated.

Drammens Theatre houses two auditoriums, a concert hall and a foyer which is also used for concerts and exhibitions. Although the main theatre is modern in all respectshe, auditorium still resembles a miniature version of the La Scala opera house. It is the auditorium´s design and colour scheme that is most important for the people of Drammen: The red walls with the lily motif and the chubby cherubs on the ceiling, the glittering chandelier and ornate pillars, the gold leaf décor and the painted stage curtain, the braiding and tassels and the rows of red velvet seats. Everything has been recreated down to the most minute detail by expert craftsmen brought in from both Norway and abroad. The building also houses several rooms that each have their own characteristic interior design and that are named after important cultural figures.

An audience of 400 people means a full house for the theatre, and performances are often sold out. Drammens Theatre attracts local, national and international stars and performers. Performances include everything from traditional theatre to dance performances, as well as classical, pop and rock concerts. Many formal ceremonies have taken place in this theatre, including national premieres, jubilees, and award ceremonies. The technical equipment is up to date, and an efficient staff welcomes the public, artists and all other users. A visit to Drammens Theatre is always a special experience.

In addition to the main auditorium there is Studioscenen, a black box auditorium that can seat approximately 200. This is used for smaller performances and sometimes as a rehearsal stage. The glass foyer, where the ticket office is situated, also stages monthly exhibitions and is the central meeting place. Popular concerts are also performed here, and it serves as a lobby area during intervals.

The glass foyer is also connected to the popular Theatre café, which adjoins the theatre building. In 1998 Drammens Theatre was awarded the Europa Nostra Diploma with the following citation: "For exemplary recreation of the original theatre building, for the will and capacity to undertake valuable building heritage conservation, both in its entirety and in its detail, for fidelity to the spirit and style of the original theatre."