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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Drammens Theatre and the Culture House, has become a cultural centre with two stages, chamber concert hall and exhibition premises. Amateur groups and professionals alike are active users of the stages, and cultural life in Drammen region has very hopeful prospects.

The attractive Drammens Theatre was inaugurated on 8 February 1870 after the great fire of 1866 that destroyed a major part of the city. The theatre was designed by Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet who had also designed the National Assembly in Oslo and Drammens Børs. Georg Herman Muller, a well-known theatre painter, created the curtain and sets for the opening performance. Immediately after a tragic fire on 10 December 1993 had once again destroyed the theatre, Drammens Theatre Board decided that the building was to be reconstructed with the same appearance as the original.

And on 8 February 1997 the theatre was reopened, this time in the presence of HM King Harald V. The theatre had been raised as a replica of the original with the same lovely ceiling paintings and an even more impressive crystal chandelier. The curtain was recreated by theatre painter Bjørn Lauritzen. Architect Jan Øyvind Berntzen was responsible for the rebuilding and was also assigned architect for the adjacent Culture House with its black-box stage and dressing rooms.