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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


The area between the City bridge and the Holmen bridge has also been developed into parkland, and is now known as Bragernes Riverside Park. 200 trees and thousands of perennials have been planted here in order to create a pleasant leisure area. The area where the river meets the fjord also now a fjord park. All in all, Drammen can boast three new park developments along the waterway.

The fjord and the river have been the basis of existence for the inhabitants of Drammen for many centuries, indeed this is the life nerve of the city. The river has carried river prams, barges, small vessels and modern-day leisure boats, and was for many years one of Norway’s largest logging rivers, second only to the Glomma.

Drammen is noted for its beer, too. Founded in 1834, Aass Brewery is the oldest in Norway and has been owned by the Aass family since 1866. The brewery is always among the best when the Norwegian beer production is tested at regular intervals, for instance in 1996 when Aass´s Christmas beer was selected the best in our country.