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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


At the banks of the Drammen River lies AASS Brewery and the house of the timber merchant Svend Haug (Losjeplassen). The timber merchant Svend Haug and his vife Thea´s house at Losjeplassen was build in stone. Svend Haug built Gildehallen in timber and gave it to his brother. In 1890-92 Svend Haug build a country house Villa Fridheim. The house is one of the country's largest and most special timberbuildings.

Gildehallen is now owned by AASS Brewery Norway´s oldest brewery. The annual production of beer is aproximately 85.000 barrels, and together with the production of 18 mill liters of soft drinks and mineralwater it gives employment to approximately 150 people.


It is the river and the timber log that formed the basis for the business development in Drammen. The timber came by the river from the big forest areas to the saw mills that were established in the Drammen district. The city has a good harbour and had once the nation´s largest fleet of sailing vessels.

A huge quantity of timber was sent from Drammen to England and the continent. Paper mills and other industries were gradually added, and Drammen transformed itself into a very significant industrial town. In recent years, the industrial structure has changed its character. With one exception, all the paper mills have been closed down. The same applies to the iron foundry, glass factory, shipbuilding, to mention but a few. The city instead got new types of business in electronics, graphic and nutritional industry.