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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


At the banks of the Drammen River lies AASS BREWERY. Aass Brewery Norway´s oldest brewery lies at the very same place as it has been since 1834. It is located in the city of Drammen, approximately 25 miles south of our capital, Oslo. You will spot it at the banks of the Drammen River at the very same place as it has been since 1834.

The annual production of beer is aproximately 10 mill liter (85.000 barrels), and together with the production of 18 mill liters of soft drinks and mineralwater it gives employment to approximately 150 people.

You may wonder how we got our name? It was a young fellow with the name Poul Lauritz Aass that bought the brewery in 1860. Since then it has been in the same family, and is today run by the 4th generation of Aass. (By the way - A real Norwegian viking would pronounce it "Ouse") The brewery is proud of its history. To us the quality of what we produce has always been and always will be the main issue. In 1516, Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria established a law admitting only malted barley, hops yeast, and water as ingredients in the production of beer. The law is known as the "purity law" and Aass Brewery is still loyal to Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria.

In Norway the brewery is known for outstanding quality and large number of different beer types. Our wish is to give an impression of this variety to the customer, therefore we decided on one pale beer, one dark beer, one in the middle, and finaly our Aass Genuine Pilsner, Aass Bock, Aass Classic and X-mas beer (Juleøl). If you have a preference to dark beer and would like to try a new one, you don't want to miss our Bock Beer.