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Panorama picture from Øvre Eiker Municipality in Norway


There are ample opportunities to catch various species of fish in the fiord up to the mouth of the river. The river itself is also a fine place to fish. One of the most popular areas is the stretch up to Hokksund and Hellefossen River, with a large sale of angling cards during the season. The catch in the river was 11,000 kg in 1992, and salmon weighing 16 to 17 kg is not an unusual phenomenon. View from the powerstation at Hellefossen, one of the most popular fishing areas Drammen River, which is 45 kilometres long and rated as number seven in the noble sport of catching salmon and trout. The Drammen salmon is noted for its superb quality. When the production of wooden products, paper and cellulose were the chief industries of Drammen, the river was the city´s main street.

The large number of factories and sawmills along the river gradually made it one large sewer. After a huge public effort, however, the river has become clean again and dear to our citizens. The swimming and fishing possibilities in the river are highly improved. A lot of work has been done to establish footpaths and green areas along the river, and a walk or cycling tour on its shores is an enjoyable experience. Drammen River flows into Drammen Fjord through a large, modern harbour. The fjord is about 25 km long. Here is a wonderful recreational area with cottages, boating and angling all the way to the narrow rapid Svelvik River. There are ample opportunities to catch various species of fish in the fjord up to the mouth of the river.