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Panorama picture from Valle Municipality in Norway


Valle is an active municipality in many ways, and in 1992 it was elected Aust Agder Cultural municipality of the year, and was a national finalist. The combination of rich cultural life and beautiful countryside creates a special community, forming the basis for varied industry, particularly tourism. The largest private employer is the power company l/S Øvre Otra.

The name "Setesdal" comes from "seter", which is the old name of Valle parish. The three parishes of Valle, Hylestad and Bykle used to be one municipality. In the north, Valle borders on Bykle, and in the south on Bygland, but it is separated from the neighbouring valleys in the east and west by large mountain plateaus. Before the valley was linked by road to Kristiansand in the 1840s, many people travelled across these moors. The new Brokke-Sule skard road has renewed contact with the west for the approximately 1,400 local inhabitants. Valle comes from the old Norwegian "Vollr", which means meadow.

For an agricultural region, in fact one of the largest grain-producing areas in Agder, it is a very suitable name. Up to the present arable and livestock farming and forestry have been the dominant industries. The area is still influenced by this and has little heavy industry. Traditional industries such as silver work and timber construction are major employers.