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Panorama picture from Valle Municipality in Norway


This is one of the most distinctive museums in Norway. The old farm is located in beautiful surroundings about 9 km north of Valle. The farm comprises buildings and artefacts which once belonged to Åsmund Torlievson Rygnestad, known as "Vonde Åsmund" (Evil Åsmund). The so-called Rynestadloftet storehouse is famous. Here you can see unique and rare painted textiles dating from the 15th century. The textiles have probably been on the farm for almost 400 years. The logs in the storehouse are of exceptional dimensions.

The construction of the three-storey storehouse is unique. In fact, it was quite unusual that storehouses had three storeys, and only five of this kind excisted in the muncipality of Valle. The storehouse at Rygnestad is the only one still standing on its original site. Rygnestadloftet was built around 1590.

Setesdal Museum was established in 1938, then comprising one building at Prestevodden close to the centre of Valle. In 1940 the museum took over the famous Rygnestadtunet.