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Panorama picture from Grimstad Municipality in Norway


Overlooking Grimstad. Grimstad gained the status of town in 1816 and has a current population of approximately 18.000. Commerce is varied in the district and it is particularly famous for agricultural and horticultural products. Farming and forestry have long traditions as important sources of income in the area, as do shipping and boat building.

A unique feature of the long Grimstad coastline is the hundreds of islands open to the public. A foundation known as "Selskapet for Grimstad Bys Vel" began purchasing the island properties as early as the 1920s and many were donated. The islands belonged to the rural farms, and each island would often have several owners. Over the years the islands were obtained so that most of those close to the town centre are now owned by the town's foundation and are open to visitors and locals alike. They are well maintained, and over recent years the town foundation has built up several small sandy beaches on the islands.