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Panorama picture from Grimstad Municipality in Norway


Overlooking Grimstad. Binabben, Vardeheia, Kirkeheia and Møllerheia are the moors surrounding the town, all of which have marvellous views. Binabben and Vardeheia are nature areas owned by the Association for Grimstad Town's Well being. Kirkeheia is one of the town´s finest parks. The views from Vardeheia and Kirkeheia are also accessible to the disabled.

Groos recreation area are a public recreation area with a beach, situated 20 minutes' walk from the centre of Grimstad. Very popular daytrip destination, offering large grassy areas and good opportunities for swimming. Summer cafeteria. The Outdoor Act and general rules of behaviour in public recreation areas apply Camping not allowed. Good parking. Situated approximately 3 km west of the centre of Grimstad.

Groosebekken adventure trails flows through central parts of the municipality from Bukketjern in the woods to its outlet near the beaches at Groos. A path 4 km long runs alongside Groosbekken from the lake to the beautiful park at Dømmesmoen. This path is marked out and there are signs providing information on cultural history, flora and fauna. A folder is made for this area.