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vang stave church

From the first part of the 13th Century, the church had a most extraordinary roof painting and the escutcheon of Sigvat of Leirholar, the consular and feudal overlord for Northern Valdres and Hallingdal. The congregation grew, and the old stave church was not big enough to hold everybody. Another church was built, and when the new church was finished in 1840, the stave church was sold at an auction. Through the art painter J.C. Dahl the church was sold to King Fredrich Willhelm the fourth of Preussen.

The church was torn down in 1841, brought by horse over Filefjell to Lærdal and then by boat to Germany. It was rebuilt in Bruckenberg in Reisengebirge in German-Schleisen. After the 2nd World War this area became Polish, and is called Bierutowice in Karkonosze in Slask. Bierutowice was later amalgamate / unified with Karpacz, and today it´s called Karpacz Gorny. (Karpacz in the mountain) The upper part of Karpacz is at 885 meters above sea level. Colloquially the stave church is called "Kirche Wang" (Church Vang).

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.