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øye stave church

This church, which originally dates to about 1250-1300 AD, was restored during 1956. It is a single-nave church. The church was reconstructed to its present configuration with the use of a 156 pieces of which had been found underneath the floor of the present parish church.

The exterior has much in common with the Reinli Stave Church but this church is rather special and far from the Reinli in the construction. The construction uses free standing inner posts (staves) to support the roof but does not have a raised mid section as is usual for this technique. We know of only two churches constructed in this way, this and the Wang Stave Church, which used to be a part of Vang in Valdres but stands in Poland after being sold away during the 1840´s.

Øye Stave Church is located in Øye.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.