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lomen stave church

The church was probably built about 1250 AD. The building, which is supported by 4 free standing inner columns, has lavishly carved portals, chancel-arches and column heads (capitals). The church correspond to the Høre stave church in the neighboring parish in form and size.

Hvam or Kvam is an old name for Lomen perish, and was during the 13-14-1500"s often used together with the name Lomen. After 1612 the name Kvam has not been used as the name for the perish, but is preserved in the name of Kvams Road.

This is an old road, running eastbound from Lomen stave church, through old farm courtyards at Midt-Lome, Hauge and Ringestad, and almost in direct line over the hill to Windingstad in Volbu, where it meets the old road to Hanekneet on to Gausdal. Guided tours every summer.

Lomen Stave Church is located near Vaset.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.