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lom stave church

The Lom Stave Church dates to approximately 1210 - 1240 AD and it appears in written sources for the first time during 1270 AD. This is a triple-nave and many-column stave church. The church was completely rebuilt into cruciform during the 1600´s and only the nave supporting inner staves exists from the original church.

The chancel was decorated in 1608 and the chancel-arch was carved in 1793. The acanthus leaves of the pulpit are more recent work and the church was restored in 1933.

Even this church have archeological evidences of a even earlier church at the site, perhaps dating back to the period when St. Olaf introduced Christianity to the valley in 1021 AD. Parts of the old church may have been used in the construction of this.

Lom Stave Church is located in Lom.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.