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høyjord stave church

This church was built in two phases. The first part was built in the late 1100´s, with the second phase following approximately 100 years later. It is the only stave church in Vestfold. The church was restored in 1948.

This church is one of only two preserved stave churches having a stave or pillar in the middle of the church. Originally, the church had an earthen floor, with benches along the walls where old and weak people might sit. Others had to remain standing during the mass.

The church has 12 staves, in addition to the one in the middle, all of which serve to support the building. Each stave is unique among the others. Along the walls one can see 8-10 crosses which were dedicated at the time the church was first used.

Høyjord Stave Church is located near Andebu.
 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.