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Hoere stave church

The Høre stave church, by some called Hurum, was probably built about 1225-1250 AD. But, and as for many of the other churches, some parts of the church may be about 100 years older.

The church was rebuilt about 1820. The carvings in the churchyard gate, originally a part of the church, are very beautiful. As is often the case, the existing Høre stave church is the second church built upon the present site. Underneath this church have been found the remnants of a church dated to approximately 1100, probably are materials from this church been used when building this one. This earlier church was likely torn down after the staves rotted because the staves had been dug directly into the ground.

Tombs have also been found underneath the church, including those of children. Additionally, the remains of fetuses have been found, along with evidence of a ceremonial burial as well. It´s a possibility that the famous Duke Skule of Norway, from the Sagas, was married in Høre during the 1200´s. A runic inscription is inscribed upon the pulpit, saying: This summer, when the brothers Elling and Audun was cutting the trees for this church, Erling Jarl was killed in the battle of Nidaros.

Høre Stave Churchis located in Vang.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.