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Viking Megastore

The Viking Megastore will have a link to PLACE where the product is made. Exsample: Selbu is known for it´s black-and-white (Selbuvotter) mittens and gloves. If you want to buy a product from Selbu you can travel there and get to know the place before you buy the product from the producer.

In Norway the currency is named kroner (NOK). By using the Currency Converter, you can perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations.
GO as you are, forget about make-up, pimples etc. The Tmasque is designed like a Suregal mask, but is shaped like a T-shirt. Keep the Ecological Tmasque in your toiletry bag at any time because U never now when it come handy.

Ecological Tmasque are made for Companies, SoccerClubs etc.

The Ecological Facial Tmasque will protect you against potentially contaminated fluid splashes and easy breathing, Allergy, Airpolution, Cold weather, Ashes, FluSeason, Demonstration, Vampires, Halloween, Paparazzi, Make Up, Pimples / Acne, Embarrassing pictures etc.


The Tmasque fit in a BodyBag, a BodyBag fit in a DVD Cover.
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PIMP any movie "Of Your Choice". A Tmasque Fit in a BodyBag and a BodyBag will Fit in a DVD Cover. A Tmasque is the Ultimate Travel accessory that will fit in your toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage. Personalised the BodyBag with Jewellery in the zipper.

Download FREE Covers and print them out on your PRINTER.

Nordic Light Krill- & Fish Oil is an ideal combination of krill- and fish oil. It is therefore rich in both Omega-3 and antioxidants.

Nordic Light Krill- & Fish Oil has positive effects on heart, brain, skin and joints, and can also improve memory and learning abilities.

The product contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin – which has numerous positive effects on your health. Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil is a high quality product from Norway.
More and more consumers around the world valuate knowing information about a products origin. The Viking Megastore want them to know where the fish / fish farm comes from and the place. Exsample: Salmon from Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett AS take you to the place Indre Kvarøy.

The Norwegian fishing and aquaculture industry supplies healthy seafood, produced in a clean ocean environment. The Norwegian seafood are recomended by the best Chefs, the best restaurants and the most famous stores in more than 150 countries.
The Ãsgaard company named after the realm of the Scandinavian gods, is reviving the epoch of the Vikings and their ancestors by reproducing parts of their culture, art and religion.

The production consists of art objects which in form and appearance are similar to the imaginative treasures of Scandinavia, mostly from Norway.
GoNorway know HOW to get you there by the best means of transportation.

GoNorway know WHAT is best for you when you get there.

GoNorway know WHERE to go and what to see.

GoNorway have been there.

This Moods of Norway collection is a tribute to the men and women who have embraced the lifestyle that comes with living in a country dominated by mountains, fjords, glaciers and valleys.

Norway is a playground for mountain activities and the rugged terrain will challenge you like a high school quarterback, any time of the year.
Some of the pictures on GoNorway are taken by professional nature photographers using GoNorway to show places where the motift are from.
Some of the pictures on GoNorway are for sale, and we show you the link how GoNorway´s commercial interest fits together with the photographers so you as a customer can by the best pictures available.

The pictures shown in the Viking Megastore are not telling the truth about the pictures. The pictures are framed and the normal size are 100x70cm. The photographers can also make larger format on specially request.

Hellcard´s it´s a better way to express yourself. The most famous feature is the Hell railway station, with the famous signstating "Gods Expedition", which is the Norwegian term for "Cargo Service."

This Card give you discount in many Stores. Acoomodation, Gas etc.

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