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With an area of 385,155 km2, Norway´s wide variety of natural habitats supports an abundant fauna and offers opportunities for many different kinds of hunting. Important species of game there are good stocks of moose, red deer, wild reindeer and roe deer.

View from Skreddaklsfjell with Jotunheimen plateaux in northwest. High mountains with snowcapped peaks over wild precipices, the most famous is Bitihorn (1.627 metres). Glittering mountain lakes, smiling rivers and bubbling waterfalls. Drive to Yddin and the high mountain peak Skaget (1.686 metres) and follow the plateaux vest to Bitihorn.

The best access to small-game hunting on private land is normally in areas where the sale of hunting permits has been organised through landowners associations or local hunting and fishing societies.
 Svein Backe