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kjoesterud gorge
Kjøsterudjuvet gorge, Kjoesterudjuvet ravine
Kjøsterudjuvet gorge, Kjoesterudjuvet ravine

The Kjøsterudjuvet gorge - our local version of Grand Canyon. The gorge is 1300 metres long, with a 250 metre climb. The perpendicular walls have a height of up to 60 metres, and at its narrowest, the gorge is no more than 4 metres wide.

Villmarksopplevelser experienced guide welcomes the group at Drammen Alpine Center. Frome here, there will be a short, ten minute walk to the gorge itself.


Our guide will then take you through 1300 metres of steep rock walls, unspoiled wilderness, iron ladders, water and a truly bewitching atmosphere.

Having completed an hour of adventurous hiking, you will reach the summit. Our supervisor will greet you with new challenges. The group will be split up and positioned at rappelling, gorge jumping, gorge-crossing via rope, and the wilderness trail.

Down in the gorge, we sometimes arrange with lighting so as to create a bewitched atmosphere. Following a session of barrier-breaking and team-building activities, we return to base camp for a welcoming mulled claret, exquisite food and drink, candlelights, reindeer pelts, warmth and a campfire. After a few hours in the camp, we light our torches and head back to the point of departure.