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Cod (Torsk) is one of the most common and economically important marine fishes in Norway. Cod is found extensively in the northern reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, and there are two main types: the migratory, oceanic cod and the non-migratory coastal cod. The coastal cod is a typical bottom-dwelling fish, whereas the migratory cod is more pelagic.

Of the various stocks of cod in Norwegian waters, the Norwegian Arctic cod (spawning cod) is the most important. It spends most of its life in the Barents Sea, but migrates both as a juvenile and as a mature spawning cod. The cod�s spawning grounds extend from the coast of Finnmark County all the way down to the Stad peninsula in western Norway, but the most important spawning grounds are out beyond the Lofoten Islands.

The migrations of spawning cod still form the basis for the most important seasonal fishing activity in Norway, the Lofoten fishing season. Young cod in the Barents Sea migrate toward the Finnmark coast in the spring in pursuit of mature spawning capelin. It is called juvenile cod and forms the basis for the traditional spring cod fishery. Coastal cod are basically equivalent to the cod in the Barents Sea, but they are more non-migratory in shallow water.

They live in the intertidal zone and down to depths of approx. 600 metres. The large stock of cod in the Barents Sea is growing at a healthy rate, and each year about 450-500,000 tonnes are harvested from this stock. In some other places, the cod stock is not doing well. Farming of cod is on the rise.


Sold fresh or frozen in slices, fillets or as whole fish. It is also sold lightly salted and smoked and as clipfish and stockfish. Cod has a mild taste that goes well with many different types of garnishes and flavourings. Cod flakes easily, so it should not be divided into very small portions for cooking.

Nutritional content

Cod is a good source of protein and is also rich in vitamin B12 and selenium.

Seafood from Norway.
  cod, torsk



Norwegian Arctic cod
(spawning cod)
January to April

Spring cod
April to June

Coastal cod
All year round


Up to 150 cm