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rock carving, helleristning


The Rock Carving at Ãskollen lies 2 minutes from Glassverket Manor. The Rock carvings are 6000 to 7000 years old, and are the first signs of human activity.

aaskollen, Åskollen

The largest rock carving at Ãskollen depicts a Elk (Moose). Below the head of the rock a little bird, and above the antlers of the Elk a triangular figure.

The lines whithin the body of the Elk indicate probably interior organs the spiral in the hind parts is perhaps a symbol of fecundity. The cutting is made by Stone once during the third Millenium B.C. for hunting-magic purpose.


The Rock Carvings at Skogerveien lies between 2 private houses in a one way street. The Rock carvings are 6000 to 7000 years old.

The largest rock carving at Skogerveien depicts a Fish. The content of Rock Carving is 3 fishes in different sizes. The cutting is made in Stone for hunting-magic purpose.