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Smuksjøseter Fjellstue is situated at 3700 feet above sea level, in the heart of Rondane nationalpark, 5km from the well-known tourist centre Høvringen, and has the Rondane mountain range as its nearest neighbour. Smuksjøseter Fjellstue is environment friendly and like most tourist establishments in the area, Smuksjøseter was originally part of a "seter" (summer mountain farm) with its own specialities.

The road is of high standard during tje summer, while during the winter all guests are transported yo and from the lodge by snowmobile. During the summer, there is a twice-daily bus service from Otta Station to the Lodge. The road from E6 up to H¿vringen is driveable all year and is of high standard.


Høvringen lies approximately 950 m.o.h. and is the gate to Rondane from vest. The name Høvringen comes from the horse shoe. The area has a long history of satisfied visitors. Tourists have been coming to the region for more than a hundred years. Easely access to well-prepared and well-marked cross-country tracks, summer and winter.


Rondane National Park is approximately 963 km2. Established in 1962 extended in 2003 and located at the Counties of Hedmark and Oppland.

Rondane National Park was Norway´s first National Park. It is particularly important as the home of one of our country´s last herds of wild reindeer, and covers a varied mountain landscape of high peaks, lichencovered plateaus and lush valleys. The park is dominated by the high peaks, narrow ravines and deep valleys of the Rondane massif. The poor bedrock supports only a sparse vegetation of mainly lichen and heather. Numerous traces of an early hunting culture can be seen.

Today´s visitors in Rondane are mainly fell-walkers or hikers. Rondane National Park is a popular area, due to dry climate and firm terrain, even if boulders and scree make the access difficult at times. There´s a network of marked trails and several tourist cabins. You can fish and hunt for hare, grouse and wild reindeer. Remember to get your fishing and hunting licenses.