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Øvre sund
Øvre sund

Along the river at Bragernes, from Øvre Storgate 35 upwards, now lies the so-called Biedermeier district. Some small industry existed in the area, among them a whip factory, a tobacco mill and a brewery. One of the houses served as a maternity room, another one as an apothecary.

Today, with its large and characteristic buildings, the Biedemeier district is a well-preserved residential area.

  There have been several large fires in the city of Drammen. One of them broke out in 1838 in Bragernes. Near Øvre Sund a number of buildings burned down to the ground and thereby paved the way for one of the city´s most distinctive districts.

Øvre sund

Most of the buildings that stand there today were built in the aftermath of the fire. The area comprised a mixture of commercial buildings and housing for the workers. Some of them remain as originally built, with porticos, stalls, outside lavatories and sties.