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 Reisa River

Reisafjorden, Ráisavuotna (Northern Sami), or Raisinvuono (Kven) is located mostly in Nordreisa Municipality (with very small portions of the fjord in Kvænangen and Skjervøy). The 30-kilometre long fjord is an arm off the main Kvænangen fjord. The fjord is fed by the river Reisaelva which flows through the 80-kilometre long Reisadalen valley which starts inside Reisa National Park. The villages of Storslett and Sørkjosen are both located along the southern shore of the fjord.

The European route E06 highway runs along the shore of the inner part of the fjord.

The clear and calm waters of Reisafjorden, in Norway´s Far North, have in recent years become the winter playground of the Scandinavian country´s killer whale population. But climate change means both the predator and their prey must increasingly migrate further north.

Reisa River, with a catchment area of 2,692 square kilometres, has a total length of 120 kilometres from the Raisjavri Lake to reaching the sea near the village of Storslett. The river weaves its way through narrow ravines within the Reisa National Park before cascading down the Imofossen waterfall and winding its journey down the beautiful Reisa Valley.

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