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Jarle Rosseland

Jarle Rosseland is is a Norwegian artist born in Bergen. Jarle Rosseland was a student of his father, Inggard Rosseland. From 1971 1972 he was a student at the Silverline Guild of Artists in Connecticut, USA.

Jarle Rosseland has successfully evoked this rich tradition in his paintings, sculpture, printmaking, and tapestries, transporting the viewer closer to what has inspired several generations of Norwegian writers, poets, painters, and craftsmen for centuries. His art, complex, studied, ethereal, has appeared in galleries and museums worldwide representing a new understanding and new interpretation of how Scandinavian history, particularly that of Norway, has shaped and defined this unique culture in Europe´s Northern-most frontier.

Jarle Rosseland´s art is complex both in terms of technique and content. He has become one of the most skilled printmakers today, particularly working in the medium of linocut. He cuts the linoleum with expert precision and dexterity where the intaglio cut deep into the surface leaving the composition in stark relief. Over those surfaces, he applies ink with an incredible ability to create shade, dimension, diffused light like no other artists has been able to achieve in the history of the medium.

A new and recent hallmark is the addition of gold and silver-leaf pressed into the paper during the printing process that creates a sense of negative space or an eye-catching void in sharp contrast to the floating color. This void-empty and mysterious-is an austere counterpoint to the ink. He has also used this later technique successfully in painting achieving the same profound effect and sense of "other worldliness." The remaining colors balance and maintain equilibrium, elusive to the subject matter, where form and shapes are ultimately abstract, but distinct as stand alone image. Is it printmaking or painting? In Rosseland´s art, the definition of the medium is not so easily distinguishable or readily defined."

Rosseland has a wide range of exhibitions in Norway, Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. He has exhibited at national museums in a number of countries. Rosseland has been purchased by a large number of key collections, and he has been visiting professor in both Europe and Asia.

Although the images carry something typically Nordic, the phrase, especially in Rosseland´s linoleum section, may sometimes give associations to Japanese woodcut. He has also been interested in the Norse, among other things in his Vinland series and motifs with details from, among other things, the Viking era´s three-scene.

Rosseland often produces his pictures in series (or image suites), such as "Life´s Three" series, the Vinland series and the Viking suite.

Rosseland has been purchased by the National Gallery, the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Oslo Municipalities and Bergen Picture Gallery. He is also represented in a wide range of foreign collections and museums. In addition, he has made the diploma of Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

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