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Øygaardstøl Cafe with a fantastic cenery lies on the top of Lysevegen road. The Lysevegen road has become another great tourist attraction, almost through coincidence; it was built as part of the power station project and not with tourists in mind. The road has 27 hairpin curves and a drop of 950 metres. The last section of road passes through a 1100 metres tunnel.

The trail from Øygaardstøl Cafe by Lysevegen road above Lysebotn is demanding. Allow 4 - 6 hours for the 10 km hike, which climbs 570 metres. Good shoes and physical health are advised. The truly adventurous climb up the precipitous rock faces or parachute from the top. Enjoy their stunts standing safely on the deck of a boat.

Innermost in the magnificent Lysefjord lies the village of Lysebotn, the perfect base for exploring the fjord and nearby mountains. Lysebotn power station, experience at close hand how Lysefjord´s waterfalls are turned into electrical energy. Lysebotn Turistsenter is located on the quay.

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