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 Jostedalsbreen glacier

Bøyabreen is a glacier in the Fjærland. It is located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park, and it is a side branch of the large Jostedalsbreen glacier which descends into Bøyadalen, in the middle of Fjærland. There is a road to Brævasshytta near the brefront. On the west side, Rv.5 runs through Fjærlandstunnelen (6385 meters) to Lunde i Jølster. The Supphellebreen glacier lies just northwest of Bøyabreen glacier.

Fjærland is the district surrounding Fjærlandsfjord, a branch of Sognefjord. Fjærland has 300 inhabitants, and is part of Sogndal municipality. The area has been settled since the Viking Age. The size of the population has varied over the years. Large scale emigration to America took place at the turn of the century.

The landscape in Fjærland has been shaped by glaciers through successive ice ages during the last 2,5 to 3 million years. Towering mountains and U-shaped valleys surround large delta areas which results from the accumulation of sediment supplied by the glacier rivers.

The Norwegian Glacier Museum is located in Fjærland. The museum´s stated purpose is to "collect, create and disseminate knowledge about glaciers and climate" - it provides information about the glacier Jostedalsbreen and the Jostedalsbreen National Park and also houses the Ulltveit-Moe Climate Centre. The museum is open from April through October, daily.

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