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 Golden Age of Norwegian art

Half an hour´s drive from Lauvlia, high in the hills above Eggedal Church, lies Christian Skredsvig´s home, Hagan. A remarkable house, made up of several ditferent buildings. Both house and contents are in much the same state as they were while the artist lived. On the walls hang his own paintings and drawings and those of friends and contemporaries. The unique collection contains about 150 works.

At both Lauvlia and Hagan you will be met by specially trained guides who will ensure that you have an absorbing and unforgettable experience . . . .

The home of Christian Skredsvig is situated on the top of Eggedal with a fantastic view of the valley. In his exciting house you can easily understand why the artist was inspired to paint several of his most famous pictures. The home ist well-kept and true in every little detail from when Christian Skredsvig used to live here. Part of the house was originally a renovated barn. Christian Skredsvig was born the 12th of March 1854 in Modum.

Eggedal, the valley between edges, is itself worth a visit as it was here Skredsvig discovered a hidden pearl which gave him plenty of inspiration. Sharp rock formations tower where wild waterfalls of the Eggedøla river come rushing down displaying a white froth.

Already in ancient Greek theatre the audience had their own room. The Grand Foyer at the National Theatre is among the most beautiful in Oslo. "Its equal can´t be found outside the Royal Palace", said a former National Antiquarian.

The magnificent natural surroundings have attracted artists and inspired many well known works of art. Sigdal and Eggedal has two of the best preserved homes of artists from the Golden Age of Norwegian art, Theodor Kittetsen´s home, Lauvlia, and Christian Skredsvig´s home, Hagan.

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