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 Morten Krogvold

Vågå is a part of the traditional region of Gudbrandsdal. The administrative centre is the village of Vågåmo.

Vågå lies in a mountainous region just to the north of Jotunheimen National Park, west of Rondane National Park, and south of the Dovrefjell mountains. The highest peak is the Surtningsuen with a height of 2,368 metres. Vågå includes a mountain road to the top of the 1.618 metre tall Jetta mountain which provides an unobstructed view of both the Gudbrandsdal Valley and the surrounding national parks.

The river Otta begins in Skjåk municipality and flows into Vågåvatn Lake. Exiting Vågåvatn at Vågåmo, the river continues its journey through the Ottadalen valley leaving Vågå municipality to meet the Gudbrandsdalslågen at Otta in the municipality of Sel. Lakes in the region include Flatningen.

The urban areas in Vågå are the villages of Vågåmo and Lalm.

Besseggen, or Besseggi, is a mountain ridge in Vågå. Besseggen lies east in Jotunheimen, between the lakes Gjende and Bessvatnet. Besseggen Tourism providing overnight accommodation and food services in Sjodalen and at Gjende.

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