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Modern city dwellers are all too familiar with constant traffic jams and air pollution raising their stress levels and causing health problems. But one remote place in the Arctic has adopted a different approach to the concept of commuting. ­This is what it really means to put one´s shoulder to the wheel. Contrary to a popular opinion, huskies do not go on vacation once the snow melts. In fact, in the world´s northernmost city, being dog-tired is a year-round phenomenon.

Dog sledges were the only means of transportation around the archipelago until the mid-1960s. And while by now cars and snowmobiles have replaced them in many parts of the North, here in Spitsbergen huskies are still pulling their weight. Locals say it is not only more environmentally friendly, but also safer - you cannot always rely on vehicles to deal with the cold, while dogs will never let you down.

Svalbard Brewery was established in 2011, brewed with 100% love – just south of the North Pole. A product that is 94% Svalbard, where 16% of our high quality water comes from the 2000 year old glacier Bogerbreen.

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