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Slåke Møbelfabrikk has manufactured classic furniture for more than 75 years Scandinavian design, Norwegian production and solid wood as base material characterize our products. To us, craftsmanship means caring for the material and never compromising. Our vision is to create new classics in the Nordic design tradition. Together with the Norwegian design-trio Angell, Wyller & Aarseth, we have created a new chair; Saddle.

With a rigid construction and defined lines, the chair still has a soft and comfortable seating. 100% Norwegian craftsmanship delivered in oak or ash, upholstered with wool or leather. The chair is designed by Christoffer Angell, Øyvind Wyller and Simen Aarseth. They graduated from the Academy in Oslo. Together and individually, they have gained great recognition for their work. The trio has an analytical, innovative and holistic way of thinking design. Saddle can be found in a number of shops around Norway. If you´re not from Norway, you may order Saddle from Shop Tent or by contacting us directly.

Hjelmeland, 1898: a comfortable, unpretentious chair sees the light. Made in solid materials and built to last, the Jærstol quickly becomes a classic. With its functional form and natural colors, the chair has been a well-known Norwegian seat for generations. The Jærstol is short-traveled. Seat material in the original Jærstolen was made of reeds picked at Jæren. Slåke know the story, and combines it with eco-friendly production. We use Norwegian subcontractors and materials, and we are proud of our own craft.

You decide how your Jærstol should look. Select color, seat and wood - we have a flexible production where your taste shapes the final product. Jærstolen can be found in a number of shops around Norway. If you´re not from Norway, you may order the chair by contacting us directly.

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