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 Saltstraumen Bridge

Saltstraumen is a small strait with a very strong tidal current located in the municipality of Bodø in Nordland. It is located about 10 km southeast of the town of Bodø. The narrow channel connects the outer Saltfjorden to the large Skjerstadfjorden between the islands of Straumøya and Knaplundsøya. The Saltstraumen Bridge on Norwegian County Road 17 crosses the Saltstraumen.

Saltstraumen has a unique fauna and fish life - a heaven for underwater photographers with both macro and wide-angle possibilities. As the tidal water passes the narrow and shallow straight every sixth hour it pushes rich nutrients up from the deep sea floor. This gives Saltstraumen a unique underwater biotope and you can expect a huge diversity and quantity of marine life.

Sea fishing, white-tailed eagle safari and historical delights at one of the most powerful tidal currents in the world. Experience one of the natural wonders of the world right up close – from dry land or from a boat on the water with an experienced local guide.

Saltstraumen is very rich in fish, some of which are famously big. In fact, the largest pollock ever recorded was caught here. Cod and catfish are common catches for sports anglers. Many seabirds spend the winter feeding here, with eider and white-tailed eagles present in particularly large numbers at Saltstraumen Brygge.

Saltstraumen has the world´s strongest tidal current and it can reach up to 26 knots. This creates the famous Maelstrom and it´s whirlpools. The combination of speed and the unique marine life creates an amazing dive environment. But the strong currents and the great depths make this a demanding dive environment. Saltstraumen DiveCamp have dive sites that any person can dive, but to appreciate the more amazing dives you need to have some experience as a diver, good buoyancy control and be comfortable in a dry suit.

The Saltstraumen is popular with divers and anglers, due to its abundance of fish such as saithe, cod, wolffish, rose fish, and halibut. Coalfish is a specialty of the area. The largest documented coalfish of 22.7 kg was caught in the Saltstraumen on a fishing rod.

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