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 Norwegian Constitution
 May 17th 1814
 Henrik Wergeland
 Eidsvoll Building

Eidsvoll Manor at Eidsvoll is the place where the Norwegian Constitution was worked out and signed on the 17th of May 1814. The Eidsvoll Manor is therefor very imortant for the Norwegian history, and it is one of the most famous and wellknown buildings in Norway; exciting due of course to the hitorical events in 1814 but also because its significant architecture.

The main attractions are the Eidsvoll Building, the Eidsivating stone monument, the Eidsvoll Rural Museum, the Mjøs Collection, the Skibladner paddle steamer. the Emerald Mines at Byrud Farm, Gullverket, Feiring Ironwork, Norwegian Center for Constitution, Eidsvoll bygdetun, Mistberget, Eidsvoll Church, Feiring Church, Langset Church and Råholt Church.

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