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grillstad, stranda skinke

Stranda has a long and rich industrial history. In recent years, especially the many businesses within the food industry flourished, and the small rural community employs approaching 1,000 people with food production in several categories.

Stranda meet mild and moist air from the bay with winds of Sunnmørsalpene. This created good conditions for curing meat, and already towards the end of the 1800s were established handicraft production of cured meats. Today Speke products in modern climatic chamber where the fresh air taken into and controlled in temperature and humidity. The foundation was laid by exploiting natural conditions.

Grilstad merged with Spis Group in 2007. The Stranda Spekemat AS was then discontinued as an operating company and the plant is now owned by Grilstad AS. Stranda mark is owned and managed by Grilstad AS that have focused and continue to focus on building this even stronger.

Grilstad AS is one of the largest private manufacturers and marketers of meat products. The family Jenssen, who are majority shareholders in Grilstad, began in 1790 with import and export, shipping and merchant business in Trondheim. From the time the firm has Jenssen & Co. passed down from father to son and there was 6th generation, Anton Jenssen, who in 1957 founded Grilstad with emphasis on cured.

Grilstad manages brands such Grilstad, Stranda and Bredrup. The company stands behind famous products include Gullsalami, Trønderfår, Jubelsalami and Strandaskinke. The firm also has product ranges within toppings and meat. The company also has a market share in commercial kitchen and hamburger market.

The Group is owned by Jenssen Holding AS 61.6%, Nordic Capital Partners II AS 33.4% and Reinkind AS 5.0%.

Grilstad has five manufacturing plants located in Trondheim, Åsen, Stranda, Brumunddal and Östersund in Sweden.

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