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 Egil Eldøen

Egil Eldøen is a Norwegian singer, composer and musician. He is acclaimed as the lead singer of Norwegian pop, both in view of its role in Lava and for their plates on their own. Egil Eldøen started his career in various dance bands home in Bergen early 70s. Egil Eldøen its strength from soul-inspired ballads, and he is one of the few Norwegian artists who are praised abroad for his English diction.

On his third solo album sang Egil Eldøen a new duet with Randy Crawford, "The Best Of Me". The album was recorded in Bergen with local musicians and producer was Egil Eldøen itself, with Gaute Storaas as associate producer. Following this disc started Egil Eldøen a trio with Rolf Graf and Olav Stedje. The music of this trio was heavily inspired by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and other American pop rock, but unfortunately made ​​they never recorded together.

The following ten years shared Egil Eldøen his time between solo concerts and tours / recordings with Lava. He has also participated in numerous recordings with other artists, both as producer and singer.

In 2003 came the album Polarity with Lava on the market. Once again a duet with Randy Crawford; "Shine a little light." In 2005, Lava album Alibi, all the songs were made ​​respectively by Egil Eldøen, Rolf Graf and Svein Dag Hauge. The entire decade Egil Eldøen toured together with Lava, as a solo artist and in a number of musical projects. He has worked with Torhild Sivertsen, Trine Rein, Tor Endresen and many others. In 2009, it initiated a collaboration with Bergen Big Band and Torhild Sivertsen.

In November 2009, latest album together with Lava, Symphonic Journey, concert recording with KORK (Kringkastingsorkesteret), recorded at Rockefeller in 2007. Egil Eldøen has also produced a child album in 2009, and working as a songwriter and producer in own recording studio. August 2010, Compilation, collecting CD "The Best of Me" Slager factory. I have also written, produced and attending child album; "Splash" ornamental singing for Bergen Aquarium.

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