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 Bjørn O. Hansen

In 1994 Hansen made the largest T-shirt in the world. The T-shirt are pictured in Guiness Book of Records. This shirt is one size fit all. The shirt measurements are 4.35 meters long and 3.57 meters wide. The artwork on the T-shirt is a Norwegian Troll which is 3.45 meters high.

In 2010 Hansen made the smallest T-shirt in the world. The Tmasque is designed like a Suregal mask, but is shaped like a T-shirt. Put the Dirty Tmasque into a BodyBag and WASH it when you get home. The Tmasque fit in a BodyBag, a BodyBag fit in a DVD Cover. The Tmasque are Washable, comes in 6 different colors and is a patented product of Norway.

Bjørn O. Hansen is a Norwegian inventor, known for the invention of several novilties and the portal GoNorway on the Internet. Hansen started out in 1995 and have visited all the Norwegian muncipials. Hansen have on different trips taken more than 80.000 pictures and know the country better than anyone.

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