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 Alan Walker
 Iselin Solheim

Alan Walker is a English / Norwegian producer. At the age of two, he moved to Bergen, along with his Norwegian mother and British father. Growing up in the digital era, Walker found an early interest in computers which later turned into a fascination for programming and graphic design.

In 2012 he started making music on his laptop, and with the help and feedback from his online friends, namely Cody, Carlo, Chrissy, and Austin, his songs soon caught the attention of the record labels.

Walker signed with MER Musikk under Sony Music Sweden and his first single was the track "Faded", a remastered vocal version of "Fade" by Walker and Vlady Bedi, released December 4, 2015 and featuring female vocalist Iselin Solheim.

"Faded" topped both the Norwegian VG-lista singles chart and the Swedish Sverigetopplistan charts, and was a Top 10 hit as well in Finland and Denmark, with appearances also on Italian, German, American, English, Dutch and Irish charts.

It is also currently in the top 10 song on Spotify. As of April 2016, "Faded" has over 160 million views on YouTube.

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