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On the mountain above Ula there is a view over one of Norway´s most beautiful skerry areas. From here you may see the island groups of Færder, Rauer and Svenner a landscape with its own charm, both in storm and calm. This beautiful old pilot harbour is today one of Larvik´s many holiday idylls. Ula camping is a camper´s paradise. People come from far away to savour the skerries natural environment and Norway´s most environmental friendly campsite, free from cars and caravans, quiet and safe for children with large nature areas, fantastic beaches and skerry formations.

On the mountain top above Ula stands a statue of the pilot Ulabrand sculpted in gray granite. He scans the south as if the Dutch sailing ships still tack into the fjord under full sail, as they once did. They were loaded with all manner of goods and the pilots would go to sea with a red stripe on the sail and guide the ships safely to port.

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