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dolly dimples

Dolly Dimple´s, is a Norwegian pizza chain that was started by Andreas Hatjoullis in 1986. The first pizza restaurant was opened on 10 April 1985 in Sandnes Tore Gjesteland and Tore Fredriksen. They bought a place that until then known pizza restaurant 28. After a time bought Andreas Hatjoullis business. He is considered the founder of the chain, even though the concept was developed by others.

The name Dolly Dimple´s stems from the American circus artist Celesta Geyer, who in the 1930s and 40s appeared under the name "Dolly Dimple - the world´s most beautiful barrel girl". The chain currently consists of approximately 2015 45 restaurants, both company-owned and franchise. The company is headquartered at Sjølyst. The chain is owned by Norway Group. CEO Toril Huuse. The chain had a turnover of around 550 million (excluding VAT) million in 2008.

The menu consists of classic, gluten and Italian pizzas, snacks and salads.

On the website of Dolly Dimple´s stands (October. 2010) that "Synnøve Finden´s new supplier of Dollys cheese mixture with grated yellow cheese from Alvdal and grated mozzarella from Namsos."

In 2016 Umoe Restaurants majority shareholder in the company.

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