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The most well known place in Hol muncipality is Geilo. Geilo is known as one of the best winter resorts of northern Europe. Hol is a mountainous area, with the villages Geilo, Dagali, Hagafoss and Kvisla. The Hallingskarvet mountain range is the highest point in the municipality, at 1933 meters above sea level.

 Geiteryggvatnet lake  
Geiteryggvatnet lake

Geiteryggvatnet lake westwards towards Såtedalen valley.

Aurlandsdalen can be reached either from the village of Aurlandsvangen or from Vierbotn at Geiteryggen. Geiteryggen can be reached via highway 50 from Hol in Hallingdal.

The original proposal for routing the Bergensbanen railway track had it passing through Geiteryggen if these plans had been carried out the railway tracks would have followed this trace to Hallingskeid.