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The most well known place in Hol muncipality is Geilo. Geilo is known as one of the best winter resorts of northern Europe. Hol is a mountainous area, with the villages Geilo, Dagali, Hagafoss and Kvisla. The Hallingskarvet mountain range is the highest point in the municipality, at 1933 meters above sea level.

 Flakavatnet river  
Flakavatnet river

Flakavatnet is a alpine lake on the border of Hordaland and Buskerud counties. The 3.40 square-kilometre lake lies in the municipalities of Ulvik and Hol and the lake lies entirely within the Hallingskarvet National Park. The village of Finse lies about 5 kilometres southwest of the lake.

The lake is one of the largest lakes in Europe that lies in the transition to the high-alpine zone, where vegetation is minimal or absent and influence of permanent snow patches and glaciers are evident.