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 Christine Lynn

Christine Lynn is currently one of Florida´s wealthiest and most prominent citizens. In 1969, when Lynn was 22 years old and newly qualified nurse in Oslo, she decided to seek adventure and got a job on an American cruise ship. After years of traveling the globe she met the American billionaire Eugene Lynn, who had earned his fortune on their insurance in Florida.

Eugene´s former wife had been ill during one of the cruise tours and Christine got the job of nurturing her. A few weeks after the cruise died Eugenes wife, but the 28-year old billionaire was never able to forget his encounter with the beautiful Norwegian nurse.

Six weeks later, the two married and Christine moved to Florida with her husband. A big change from her simple apartment in Oslo. Christine and Eugene were married for 20 years, until Eugene died in 1999 81 years old.

Today she lives alone in the mansion house the two built along the city Boca Raton in Florida. Here she manages assets of The Lynn Foundation, which every year donates large sums to charities in education and health.

Among other things, Christine donated about 500 million to the hospital, "Christine E. Lynn Health and Wellness Institute."

City of Boca Raton has also bestowed on the family its own sculpture park.

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